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Jean S. Frankel is founder and principal of Ideas for Action, LLC. She is an internationally known and respected management consultant, educator, facilitator and executive coach, and is a trusted thought partner to senior academic and administrative leaders in colleges and universities, as well as CEOs and executive directors of professional and philanthropic nonprofit organizations.  


As an experienced consultant, Frankel also helps organizations find solutions to critical issues and challenges. She is a proven strategist, with group process and analytical skills enhancing her ability to develop collaborative solutions with clients in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development, and organizational structure, process and culture change. In addition to her work in higher education, Frankel is also regarded as a major contributor to the unique body of knowledge of association management and leadership in membership organizations.  

She is co-author of three best-selling books –The Will to Govern Well, considered a classic on

association governance, Building a Knowledge-Based Culture, focusing on the special dynamics of membership organizations, and her new work on leadership From Insight to Action: Six New Ways to Think, Lead and Achieve, all published by Association Management Press.  

Prior to founding Ideas for Action, LLC in 1995, Frankel led large-scale planning and organizational change efforts for major corporations such as American Express and AT&T. She has also had functional responsibility in strategic planning, marketing and sales, information technology, customer service, engineering, manufacturing, and human resources.  


Frankel holds a B.A. from Muhlenberg College, did graduate work in Journalism and Mass Communications at New York University, and is a graduate of Columbia University’s Executive and Organizational Coaching Certification Program, a strategic partnership between the Columbia Business School and the Teacher’s College Executive Education Department. Certified at the highest level as an Executive and Organizational Coach from Columbia University. She is also certified in the following leadership assessments tools: NBI (Neethling Brain Instrument), Hogan Development Series (HDS, HPI, MVPI), MHS Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQ-I 2.0) and Culture in the Workplace Assessment.(CWQ)

Ideas for Action is a management consulting firm. Through executive coaching, consultation and facilitation, we help organizations develop superior leadership, address difficult issues, find creative solutions, and plan and execute extraordinary results. Since 1995, IFA has served higher education and nonprofit organizations by strengthening executive leadership performance, guiding thoughtful and disciplined strategic planning and dialogue, assessing and improving organizational culture, engaging faculty governing bodies to improve shared governance and faculty engagement, and providing insight, information, and actionable solutions to leaders across a variety of institutional levels. IFA’s partners are senior leaders in higher education and nonprofit management. They act as trusted advisors and thought partners, helping leaders with confidential counsel, providing opportunities to work through complex leadership issues and examine specific challenges with depth and focus. Our clients bring us to the table when they want to develop leaders, define strategy, build consensus, and achieve results. Please visit our website to learn more about us. 



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